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April 16, 2020—April 17, 2020

PRINCIPLES FINANCE & INSURANCE IMPACT: This is a intense two-day review of the F&I Impact process. It combines highly interactive classroom training with role playing and personalized instructor feedback to sharpen skills! 

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The Advantage Menu Process of Selling

  • Introduction (Re-set the Time Clock)
  • Start the Process (Set the Agenda)
  • Introduce the Dead Time Piece
  • Stop The Madness
  • Explain Other Benefits
  • Plant the Seeds to Create Needs
  • Complete Non-Financial Paperwork
  • Etch Disclosure (If it applies)
  • Key Care Presentation (If it applies)
  • Present the V.S.C.
  • Present the Menu Option Packages (Solutions)
  • Disclose Cost & Close
  • Complete Forms or Menu
  • Isolate and Overcome Objection(s) (Value Building)
  • Declination Forms or Menu



F&I Wise - More than just
an FYI or F&I

Winning (not "whining") in a Tough Market
Everyone knows that the car business is cyclical in nature. Every 10-12 years we have a couple of years where the market realigns itself and causes considerable consternation for many dealers. In times like these, dealerships go one of three ways…they thrive, survive or die. Walk into many stores and the first question you usually hear is, "How's business?" It's as if those dealers are looking for validation that they are not the only ones having issues. More info.

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Dead Time Piece Word Tracks

"I'm going to excuse myself for about 10-15 minutes in order to input the information in the Computer. I'll be back out to get you as soon as I'm done and then we can finalize all the paperwork. Again, once I'm back in the office it should only take 25-30 minutes."

"While I'm gone, here's a complete copy of all the benefits you receive from us when purchasing a new vehicle here at our dealership. I'm sure the salesperson explained to you the EasyCare (dealership name) Advantage program here. This is a review of all the benefits you'll receive. As you can see, the packages are all catalogued, and all the features are listed. If you will, take a few minutes and review these. I'll leave you a pen so you can write down any questions you may have about any of the benefits. When we get to my office, I 'll answer all your questions, so you know exactly what everything is all about. This will help expedite the process. Thanks, and I'll be out in a few minutes."

Note: This explanation will be determined by how many questions they ask as a result of reading (or not) the DTP. Go over these very briefly if you see they have a lot of questions…more completely if not.

Plant some Seeds while explaining the Benefits


KEY CARE: Limits to only one year of coverage. "I'm sure you plan to keep your vehicle longer than one year. Wouldn't it be nice to have that benefit for the total length of ownership?" (Just plant the seed.)

Dent Repair: Explain. Limits to only first year of ownership. "Sure would be nice not to have to worry about dings and dents throughout your period of ownership, wouldn't it?" (Just plant the seed.)

Closing Word Tracks

Example: "Based on the Concerns we talked about and the needs of you and your family, which one of these would be best for you?"

Isolate and Overcome Objection

Word Tracks

Example: "If I can ask you, any particular reason you didn't take advantage of the _____________(Benefit)?" (Always try to at least go through one objection handling idea.)