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EasyCare Vehicle Service Contracts

Easy Care Vehicle Service ContractsEasyCare VSC's cover the cost to repair or replace parts that suffer mechanical and/or electrical failure after the manufacturers' warranty expires. EasyCare VSC's help eliminate surprise repair costs, and are available with the extras you need including emergency roadside assistance, trip interruption, rental car benefits, and more...

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Motor Trend Recommended Best Buy

Motor Trend Best BuyWe are proud to offer EasyCare, the only extended warranty to be named a "MOTOR TREND® Recommended Best Buy". This distinction is of significant value in creating consumer trust in the EasyCare benefits offered by your dealership.

To be eligible for this endorsement, a brand must pass a MOTOR TREND evaluation process including site visits, references, a financial review, and an assessment of the brand's delivery of the overall customer experience.

EasyCare received this recognition for the following EasyCare benefits and services:
  • EasyCare Vehicle Service Contracts (Vehicle Service Contracts/Extended Warranties)
  • EasyCare DriverCare (Great for Leased Vehicles)
  • EasyCare GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection)
  • EasyCare Dent Repair (Paintless Dent Removal Coverage)
  • EasyCare KeyCare (Key and Key Fob Replacement Coverage)

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Motor Trend Certified Advantage

Motor Trend Certified VehicleThe Motor Trend Certified Advantage program is an opportunity for dealers to leverage the consumer-trusted Motor Trend brand to:

  • Certify Non-OEM Vehicles
  • Add Value to OEM-Certified Vehicles
  • Dramatically Build Customer Traffic and Trust
  • Enjoy Powerful Differentiation in Your Marketplace

Protected MOTOR TREND Certified Advantage territories are made available only to select dealers who can demonstrate and prove the highest levels of customer satisfaction, high-quality vehicles, and a commitment to continued excellence. MTCA dealers enjoy enhanced market share, revenues and profitability through aligning with this trusted automotive authority. 

EasyCare Connect

The EasyCare Connect Dealership Performance Team will work on your dealership’s behalf, using multiple touch-points on a national scale, to successfully re-engage your lost customers, strengthen the

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EasyCare Custom Dealer App

There’s a war for your customer’s attention. Close the loop by engaging your customers BEFORE someone else does. With YOUR custom mobile app you create a communication loop that includes only

your customer, their vehicle and YOU. Imagine your customers constantly connected to their vehicle AND your dealership directly through their cell phones! They manage their lives with their phones… why not help them manage their relationship with you and their vehicles the same way?

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EasyCare Stop The Madness

Protect your customers and your dealership’s reputation from unauthorized companies that send fictitious warranty renewal notices via email, phone call and direct mail – fooling your customers into

believing that they came from you. Your customer’s wasted out-of-pocket expenses for these contracts put your dealership in an uncomfortable situation because your hands are tied…and their service costs aren’t covered.


The proven results from these simple steps are an influx of appreciation emails, motivated employees and a drastic increase in VSC renewals…even new VSC contracts purchased by customers who weren’t previously covered.

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