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Additional Products

EasyCare Motor Trend Certification

The Motor Trend Certified Advantage program is an opportunity for dealers to leverage the consumer-trusted Motor Trend brand to:

  • Certify Non-OEM Vehicles
  • Add Value to OEM-Certified Vehicles
  • Dramatically Build Customer Traffic and Trust
  • Enjoy Powerful Differentiation in Your Marketplace

Protected MOTOR TREND Certified Advantage territories are made available only to select dealers who can demonstrate and prove the highest levels of customer satisfaction, high-quality vehicles, and a commitment to continued excellence. MTCA dealers enjoy enhanced market share, revenues and profitability through aligning with this trusted automotive authority.

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Central States Health & Life Co. of Omaha

CSO offers the Payment Protection Plan to borrowers at dealerships, banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions. They are recognized as an industry leader in credit life and credit disability insurance protection. Midwest values and experienced staff are enabling them to realize their vision. "To be the credit insurance company of choice by providing superior service and quality products."

Environment Protection Products

Quality products for Prep, Detailing, Reconditioning, Service and Body Shop Departments plus specialty products, aerosols, facility maintenance, bench chemicals, shop supplies, and equipment.  Properly reconditioned vehicles will bring several hundred dollars more even when wholesaled, plus spectacular looking vehicles attract top retail dollars.  Why not reduce the number of current suppliers, transactions, processing costs of checks and payments by selecting the competitive local single source for all your supply requirements.  Prep or detailing departments typically touch every vehicle that you sell and the first impression made reflects the initial image of your entire operation to every guest purchasing a vehicle.   Cost savings, a more efficient operation and trained employees generate better looking vehicles that sell faster with bigger grosses and deliver more profit to your bottom line... now that’s what profits in every department is all about.

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